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Our Apps

Download our application for mobile devices - YolkaApp. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

Yolka Mobile subscribers can control their balance and available gigabytes in YolkaApp. In addition, YolkaApp is an application for cheap international calls to mobile and landline phones in other countries. The application is available for download to ALL users with Spanish phone numbers. Calls are made through the technical gateway of Yolka Telecom in Spain (multi-channel number +34 822110366). The cost of calling a Spanish number depends on your mobile operator. For Yolka Mobile subscribers this part of the call is free of charge (when located in Spain and Euroroaming countries). Tariffing for an international call begins only after the answer and starts a conversation with the callee. Tariffing is per minute, there are no excess international call packages, and you call only as many as you need. Yolka Mobile subscribers are charged from the main balance.

Cost of calls to some main destinations:

  • Russia – 0.045 €/min
  • Ukraine — 0.11 €/min
  • Kazakhstan – 0.20 €/min
  • Armenia – 0.25 €/min
  • Romania - 0.03 €/min
  • Canada – 0.02 €/min
  • USA - 0.025 €/min
  • Israel - 0.05 €/min
  • Italy - 0.05 €/min
  • France - 0.05 €/min